Monkeys and Rice Patties

Today me, Ashley, Adam, and Ryan decided to go to Monkey forest where there are monkies, temples, and a beautiful river flowing through the jungle. We walked around their watching and laughing at the monkey’s playing and fornicating for a few hours and chilled by a river chatting looking up at a tree that should have been out of avatar. After we followed a dirt path not far away to these beautiful rice patties until we came to an organic farm and restaurant where we had lunch. I ordered some pizza and drank out of a fresh coconut and both were delicious. This restaurant has a beautiful view of the rice patties and further off towards some huts, and the view is beautiful any time of day that you go. After we kept on walking up the dirt path chatting, enjoying the sun, looking at some houses that you could rent, and smiling at the locals. At the end of the dirt path you come to a main road that takes you back down to Ubud through some villages. It was probably a three-hour walk all together and I recommend if your hot, tiered, and hungry to stop for gelato ice cream on monkey forest road.

That night we went for supper at a place that had very cheap Balinese food and tables that you had to share with other tourists eating out. I met a women Eva here from Edmonton and she ended up coming to stay at our hotel the next day with her friend jess. After dinner we all went to a fancy club and got deserts, drinks, and smoked some Shesha while listening to a very good live Balinese band. From what I remember they played Bruno Marz, Eddie Vedder, Nirvana (Nirvana seemed to follow me everywhere on my travels and I ill explain why later), and Jason Miraz. This place was very clean, cool, and comfortable to chill at with a ceiling like a circus tent. Afterwards we went and danced the night away at a reggae bar with locals. I was a bit home sick that night missing my friends and life in BC but i was also becoming madly in love with Ubud its magic was getting a hold of my heart and i felt content making that place my home for a awhile.

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