Hey friends! most of the posts that i made on here while i was away did not go through and did not save so im going to be writing a lot from memory and by some of my favorite short stories I wrote in my journal. I wish i could have given you the originals that were written in the moment but hopefully these will satisfy your curiosity about what i experienced in Indonesia.

Today me and Ryan hired a driver through Petut to take us two hours away to Ubud. On the way their i was talking to the driver and asking about a place to stay called love space and he thought i was talking about spices so we ended up stopping at a place to have tea, coffee, and look at spices. He also thought i was talking about silver for some reason and wanted to stop at a silver shop but me and Ryan were like no no ahahahah. The coffee and tea we had were amazingly good and I don’t even like coffee. The way they make their coffee is bizarre though they have this animal called the asian palm civet that eats the coffee berries and then poops out the coffee beans. Producers of the coffee bean say that the process of the berries passing through the civets digestive process improves the flavor, but i really think it’s mainly a gimic to attract people to come buy the coffee.  The Civet that we saw at the farm was very sad-looking, it was kept in a small cave and looked like it was fed poorly. I don’t think i would go back and have coffee again at that farm because of how the Civet was taken care of but if their was a place with better ethical standards i would be tempted to taste that sweet tasting coffee.

Once we arrived in Ubud me and Ryan walked around for about twenty minutes until we found a very nice place to stay near Monkey Forest called Dewi Ayu. This place is roughly 12-18 dollars a night and includes breakfast, free wifi, a pool, and they clean your room every morning. They guys who ran Dewi Ayu were so kind and helpful too and made sure your every need was taken care of. I highly recommend you stay here if you come to Ubud because of the prices, location, and owners. After getting comfortable in our room me and Ryan decided to go for a swim in the pool where we met a beautiful australian girl chilling by the pool ;). We met Ashley who instantly opened her heart to us and invited us to come to a poetry slam that night. Stoked on life me and Ryan decided to go and have lunch at Kafe and stopped at a temple where I set down to meditate and Ryan played some instruments. while meditating i was contemplating why i felt so nervous all the time and trying to see where these feelings were coming from when an old man came into my mind and started laughing at my fear and told me I had nothing to be scared of. He had such a warm smile and laugh and made me feel a bit better. Ryan seemed to tap into my meditation and began to play music along with the emotions that arose in me and went into a trance. It was a very cool moment.

Later on we met up with Ashley and walked to meet her boyfriend at the poetry slam. It was brilliant the poetry was so moving and it was cool to be in a room full of westerners and locals. We all had a very good time and I fell in love with Ashley and Adam who are such beautiful, smart, interesting people.


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