Down south

Wow what an amazing day!  I met a man named Ryan and he lives in Porto Rico but is originally from new jersey. We met walking out of the hotel and  after hanging out at the beach for a bit he decided to come south with me and Joni. Joni helped us get two motorbikes and hired his friend to drive Ryan. We went three different beaches; Balangan, Nusa Dua, Padang Padang, and then Uluwatu temples. The first beach was Joni’s favorite and I see why! You walked down a flight of stairs to see a long white sandbeach with huge waves starting to break at a large cliff point and then moving down the beach . Along the beach there are about ten or more beach hut accommodations and restaurants that overlook the water. What I love about this place is it has no resorts and feels slightly secluded with only surfers and locals. Me and Ryan had some lunch that was a bit pricey for Bali and then went for a long swim to a secluded beach where their were caves and a snake! Bali is known for its dangerous water snakes and we are not too sure if this was one of them so we kept our distance. The second beach we went to was very far away and not for me and Ryan, because it was a tourist hub where you could only pay to do water sports or to take boats to see other islands just off the coast. We only stayed to talk to the locals and take a rest out of the sun. The next beach Padang Padang was where Julia Roberts filmed Eat, Pray, Love and it was breath-taking and by far my favorite beach. To get down to the beach you walked down through a rocky cavern to come out to white sand beaches with huge rock mounds and beautiful waves to feast your eyes on. It was such a stunning place and very busy with tourists. The last stop on our journey was Uluwatu temples. We had to pay a fee to get in but it was so worth it because these temples were on the side of a large cliff that over looked the sun setting and the waves crashing against the rocks. The temples were heavy with spiritual energy and the place just leaves you feeling in awe. On our way home we stopped at a fish market where we bought a large fish and a bucket of prawns and then drove down the street where we paid for our fish to be barbecued with veggies and rice. We shared the meal with our drivers and it was a perfect way to end an amazing day of adventure :).

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