First day!


I am in Bali!!!! WEEEOOOOOOO!

I will start off by saying my flight with Cathay Pacific airlines was long but it is a really good company to fly with. They have amazing service where they tend to your every need and they have great entertainment. I would defs fly with them again if i come back to Asia,  money well spent. My flight to Hong Kong was 13 hours, soo long but it actually went by quickly because i slept for three hours of it and watched a lot of movies and listened to music. I watched the best movie rum diaries i would highly recommend you watch it whenever you have some free time it is really well done. When i got to Hong Kong i was met by some airline workers who escorted people going to their next flight. Hong Kong airport is massive and i know i could not of found my way without their help.

Okay i want to fill you in on my first day in Bali..nothing really exciting happened during my flights other then i met two people from Trail BC which was cool and a Asian lady shared her chocolates with me. I got a cab easily after i got out of the airport in Bali he took me straight to my hotel which wasn’t too far away from the airport. I woke up the next morning and i had a huge panic attack thinking what the fuck am i doing in Bali alone and im too scared to do anything how am i going to meet people i cant do this ahhhhhhh!!! i tryed doing some yoga and deep breathing but no matter what i did i couldnt stop panicking. luckily the very nice hotel im staying in has computers so i got online and skyped with my dad and talked to my sister and i felt instantly better. They gave me encouragement to go out and walk around and pretend like they were here with me and that i had to do everything that we would be doing together. I ended up leaving after and walking down a street called poppy lane that is lined with shops and stuff geared for tourists like banks and restaurants. Kuta is very touristy but a good place with beginning back packers to stay because food is easily available as well as fun. That street took me to a man road that i crossed over to the beach, where i sat down and watched some surfers and took in the amazing scenery. I ended up meeting a local surfing teacher who introduced me to some other travelers and i made instant friends! I met one girl who is traveling by herself from Holland and we have decided to stick together and do some exploring. I spent my whole day at the beach with these lovely people and i’m going back today to learn how to surf! They guy who is going to teach me is such a sweet heart his name is petut, but he likes to call himself brad pit. He made me feel right at home by finding me some water and playing some music (the kooks- seaside) and explaining to me what Bali was all about. He said that because bali people rely on us tourists and vice versa, that their mission is to make us have the best stay possible. It really is just a way of living that is very giving and makes it so your kind and as helpful as possible to whoever you meet. 

around 3:00 jet leg and the time difference really set in so i walked back to my hotel laid by the pool and read trying to stay awake, but eventually fell asleep at around 5:00 until about 1:00 in the morning where i woke up stoked on life and just rested until about 7:00 am. 

Bali is very beautiful and im so happy im here it is very hard traveling on your own but you got to just take one step at a time and make it through everyday without worrying about tomorrow. Also a huge part of it is just trusting in yourself that you can survive on your own and remembering who you are as a person. 

ah! im paying for minutes and my time is running up so i say hello and goodbye and ill write again soon! love you all!!! 

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3 Responses to First day!

  1. Omgomgomg blerg I am so excited for you! I’ve been worrying about you being all alone over there so I’m glad you met people. I think recording everything is the best idea ever! You’re going to remember so much more. I expect daily posts at least and also please be safe and have fuuuun! Tell us about the weird food you eat, k?

  2. pamela210 says:

    Awesome. its great to know you worked through your panic attack. that’s great imaging i am with you. have fun surfing.

  3. pamela210 says:

    Its awesome you worked through your panic attack. i wish i had been home when you called. I knew you would meet other lone traveler. have fun surfing. love you xoxoxoxo

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