In wait.

Well hey,

This is my first time writing a blog its kind of weird…im used to writing all my feelings and thoughts down in a journal but now they will be exposed to the internet. Ive never thought of myself as a good writer i have terrible grammar and spelling, but one thing you will find is that i am a very honest writer. My thoughts and feelings can be very raw and it shows you into the mind of well me. I hope to use this blog as a record of my journey to Bali and Nepal so others can see it and so i can look back on it in the future and be like man that was a good time.

To start it is the night before i leave for Bali. Feelings have been sadness to leave my home, excitedness, and full in your face fear. I really do love BC it’s such beautiful province and i find what you give is what you get, wheather it be interactions with people or your efforts to hike a mountain or explore the ocean. If i am very open and loving towards other canadians i get back what i give and so much more. I have such a loving community of friends wherever i go here. I hope to find the same thing in Bali when i travel. As well as i hope to find some scenic beauty… I was walking on Bowen Island in Hood Point today and i was amazed at how the peacefulness of the forest and its lucious beauty still captivates me. Same for my night time stroll outside, the moon hitting the trees and grass just brought a smile to my face. I love how i always feel so safe in the forest on this little island.

Anyway back to my travels…i guess the things that im most nervous for is being able to handle is any kind of thing that pops up while i travel. Everyday i am reminded that i am human and i make mistakes.I just hope i have enough trust in myself/common sense that when im faced with these situations that i can make the right decisions whatever they are. I think one thing that will help me do this is to remember the core of who i am and what i stand for. Having a strong foundation in anything i do always seems to help me make decisions and not get lost in the moment. Also ive had a pretty epic summer where i was off on my own treeplanting and i did make a few mistakes along the way but i can say the whole experience was all around amazing and i wouldn’t change it. It got me to where i am right now and turthfully it isnt so bad 🙂

I guess being a women my worst fear is getting male attention…I want to do my best to avoid this i hate turning away guys it’s just a akward experience and it sucks why cant we just be friends!!! i know i am so daft when it comes to interacting with the male species, i can be overly friendly and open. It is a problem…but the only way to get past that is to learn to set my boundries, so that is one of my goals over the next two and half months.

Sitting here on my bed i face my fears head on and even though im scared i know im going to make my way to the airport tomorrow and walk on that plane. I do believe in myself and i want to prove to myself that i can do this on my own. I’ve gotten alot of critism so far on being a women and traveling on my own, and i just want to be able to stick my middle finger up to everyone at the end of this and be like you were wrong it may be dangerous to do it but it can be done!

I’ll try and write in my blog every two days…but i really dont think i’ll have access to the internet most of the time so alot of it will me rewriting what ive written in my journal every once in awhile. anyway wish me luck! and ill probs have nothing but free time while im on a two day plane trip so you will be hearing from me soon 😉

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