Monkeys and Rice Patties

Today me, Ashley, Adam, and Ryan decided to go to Monkey forest where there are monkies, temples, and a beautiful river flowing through the jungle. We walked around their watching and laughing at the monkey’s playing and fornicating for a few hours and chilled by a river chatting looking up at a tree that should have been out of avatar. After we followed a dirt path not far away to these beautiful rice patties until we came to an organic farm and restaurant where we had lunch. I ordered some pizza and drank out of a fresh coconut and both were delicious. This restaurant has a beautiful view of the rice patties and further off towards some huts, and the view is beautiful any time of day that you go. After we kept on walking up the dirt path chatting, enjoying the sun, looking at some houses that you could rent, and smiling at the locals. At the end of the dirt path you come to a main road that takes you back down to Ubud through some villages. It was probably a three-hour walk all together and I recommend if your hot, tiered, and hungry to stop for gelato ice cream on monkey forest road.

That night we went for supper at a place that had very cheap Balinese food and tables that you had to share with other tourists eating out. I met a women Eva here from Edmonton and she ended up coming to stay at our hotel the next day with her friend jess. After dinner we all went to a fancy club and got deserts, drinks, and smoked some Shesha while listening to a very good live Balinese band. From what I remember they played Bruno Marz, Eddie Vedder, Nirvana (Nirvana seemed to follow me everywhere on my travels and I ill explain why later), and Jason Miraz. This place was very clean, cool, and comfortable to chill at with a ceiling like a circus tent. Afterwards we went and danced the night away at a reggae bar with locals. I was a bit home sick that night missing my friends and life in BC but i was also becoming madly in love with Ubud its magic was getting a hold of my heart and i felt content making that place my home for a awhile.

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Hey friends! most of the posts that i made on here while i was away did not go through and did not save so im going to be writing a lot from memory and by some of my favorite short stories I wrote in my journal. I wish i could have given you the originals that were written in the moment but hopefully these will satisfy your curiosity about what i experienced in Indonesia.

Today me and Ryan hired a driver through Petut to take us two hours away to Ubud. On the way their i was talking to the driver and asking about a place to stay called love space and he thought i was talking about spices so we ended up stopping at a place to have tea, coffee, and look at spices. He also thought i was talking about silver for some reason and wanted to stop at a silver shop but me and Ryan were like no no ahahahah. The coffee and tea we had were amazingly good and I don’t even like coffee. The way they make their coffee is bizarre though they have this animal called the asian palm civet that eats the coffee berries and then poops out the coffee beans. Producers of the coffee bean say that the process of the berries passing through the civets digestive process improves the flavor, but i really think it’s mainly a gimic to attract people to come buy the coffee.  The Civet that we saw at the farm was very sad-looking, it was kept in a small cave and looked like it was fed poorly. I don’t think i would go back and have coffee again at that farm because of how the Civet was taken care of but if their was a place with better ethical standards i would be tempted to taste that sweet tasting coffee.

Once we arrived in Ubud me and Ryan walked around for about twenty minutes until we found a very nice place to stay near Monkey Forest called Dewi Ayu. This place is roughly 12-18 dollars a night and includes breakfast, free wifi, a pool, and they clean your room every morning. They guys who ran Dewi Ayu were so kind and helpful too and made sure your every need was taken care of. I highly recommend you stay here if you come to Ubud because of the prices, location, and owners. After getting comfortable in our room me and Ryan decided to go for a swim in the pool where we met a beautiful australian girl chilling by the pool ;). We met Ashley who instantly opened her heart to us and invited us to come to a poetry slam that night. Stoked on life me and Ryan decided to go and have lunch at Kafe and stopped at a temple where I set down to meditate and Ryan played some instruments. while meditating i was contemplating why i felt so nervous all the time and trying to see where these feelings were coming from when an old man came into my mind and started laughing at my fear and told me I had nothing to be scared of. He had such a warm smile and laugh and made me feel a bit better. Ryan seemed to tap into my meditation and began to play music along with the emotions that arose in me and went into a trance. It was a very cool moment.

Later on we met up with Ashley and walked to meet her boyfriend at the poetry slam. It was brilliant the poetry was so moving and it was cool to be in a room full of westerners and locals. We all had a very good time and I fell in love with Ashley and Adam who are such beautiful, smart, interesting people.


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Down south

Wow what an amazing day!  I met a man named Ryan and he lives in Porto Rico but is originally from new jersey. We met walking out of the hotel and  after hanging out at the beach for a bit he decided to come south with me and Joni. Joni helped us get two motorbikes and hired his friend to drive Ryan. We went three different beaches; Balangan, Nusa Dua, Padang Padang, and then Uluwatu temples. The first beach was Joni’s favorite and I see why! You walked down a flight of stairs to see a long white sandbeach with huge waves starting to break at a large cliff point and then moving down the beach . Along the beach there are about ten or more beach hut accommodations and restaurants that overlook the water. What I love about this place is it has no resorts and feels slightly secluded with only surfers and locals. Me and Ryan had some lunch that was a bit pricey for Bali and then went for a long swim to a secluded beach where their were caves and a snake! Bali is known for its dangerous water snakes and we are not too sure if this was one of them so we kept our distance. The second beach we went to was very far away and not for me and Ryan, because it was a tourist hub where you could only pay to do water sports or to take boats to see other islands just off the coast. We only stayed to talk to the locals and take a rest out of the sun. The next beach Padang Padang was where Julia Roberts filmed Eat, Pray, Love and it was breath-taking and by far my favorite beach. To get down to the beach you walked down through a rocky cavern to come out to white sand beaches with huge rock mounds and beautiful waves to feast your eyes on. It was such a stunning place and very busy with tourists. The last stop on our journey was Uluwatu temples. We had to pay a fee to get in but it was so worth it because these temples were on the side of a large cliff that over looked the sun setting and the waves crashing against the rocks. The temples were heavy with spiritual energy and the place just leaves you feeling in awe. On our way home we stopped at a fish market where we bought a large fish and a bucket of prawns and then drove down the street where we paid for our fish to be barbecued with veggies and rice. We shared the meal with our drivers and it was a perfect way to end an amazing day of adventure :).

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First day!


I am in Bali!!!! WEEEOOOOOOO!

I will start off by saying my flight with Cathay Pacific airlines was long but it is a really good company to fly with. They have amazing service where they tend to your every need and they have great entertainment. I would defs fly with them again if i come back to Asia,  money well spent. My flight to Hong Kong was 13 hours, soo long but it actually went by quickly because i slept for three hours of it and watched a lot of movies and listened to music. I watched the best movie rum diaries i would highly recommend you watch it whenever you have some free time it is really well done. When i got to Hong Kong i was met by some airline workers who escorted people going to their next flight. Hong Kong airport is massive and i know i could not of found my way without their help.

Okay i want to fill you in on my first day in Bali..nothing really exciting happened during my flights other then i met two people from Trail BC which was cool and a Asian lady shared her chocolates with me. I got a cab easily after i got out of the airport in Bali he took me straight to my hotel which wasn’t too far away from the airport. I woke up the next morning and i had a huge panic attack thinking what the fuck am i doing in Bali alone and im too scared to do anything how am i going to meet people i cant do this ahhhhhhh!!! i tryed doing some yoga and deep breathing but no matter what i did i couldnt stop panicking. luckily the very nice hotel im staying in has computers so i got online and skyped with my dad and talked to my sister and i felt instantly better. They gave me encouragement to go out and walk around and pretend like they were here with me and that i had to do everything that we would be doing together. I ended up leaving after and walking down a street called poppy lane that is lined with shops and stuff geared for tourists like banks and restaurants. Kuta is very touristy but a good place with beginning back packers to stay because food is easily available as well as fun. That street took me to a man road that i crossed over to the beach, where i sat down and watched some surfers and took in the amazing scenery. I ended up meeting a local surfing teacher who introduced me to some other travelers and i made instant friends! I met one girl who is traveling by herself from Holland and we have decided to stick together and do some exploring. I spent my whole day at the beach with these lovely people and i’m going back today to learn how to surf! They guy who is going to teach me is such a sweet heart his name is petut, but he likes to call himself brad pit. He made me feel right at home by finding me some water and playing some music (the kooks- seaside) and explaining to me what Bali was all about. He said that because bali people rely on us tourists and vice versa, that their mission is to make us have the best stay possible. It really is just a way of living that is very giving and makes it so your kind and as helpful as possible to whoever you meet. 

around 3:00 jet leg and the time difference really set in so i walked back to my hotel laid by the pool and read trying to stay awake, but eventually fell asleep at around 5:00 until about 1:00 in the morning where i woke up stoked on life and just rested until about 7:00 am. 

Bali is very beautiful and im so happy im here it is very hard traveling on your own but you got to just take one step at a time and make it through everyday without worrying about tomorrow. Also a huge part of it is just trusting in yourself that you can survive on your own and remembering who you are as a person. 

ah! im paying for minutes and my time is running up so i say hello and goodbye and ill write again soon! love you all!!! 

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In wait.

Well hey,

This is my first time writing a blog its kind of weird…im used to writing all my feelings and thoughts down in a journal but now they will be exposed to the internet. Ive never thought of myself as a good writer i have terrible grammar and spelling, but one thing you will find is that i am a very honest writer. My thoughts and feelings can be very raw and it shows you into the mind of well me. I hope to use this blog as a record of my journey to Bali and Nepal so others can see it and so i can look back on it in the future and be like man that was a good time.

To start it is the night before i leave for Bali. Feelings have been sadness to leave my home, excitedness, and full in your face fear. I really do love BC it’s such beautiful province and i find what you give is what you get, wheather it be interactions with people or your efforts to hike a mountain or explore the ocean. If i am very open and loving towards other canadians i get back what i give and so much more. I have such a loving community of friends wherever i go here. I hope to find the same thing in Bali when i travel. As well as i hope to find some scenic beauty… I was walking on Bowen Island in Hood Point today and i was amazed at how the peacefulness of the forest and its lucious beauty still captivates me. Same for my night time stroll outside, the moon hitting the trees and grass just brought a smile to my face. I love how i always feel so safe in the forest on this little island.

Anyway back to my travels…i guess the things that im most nervous for is being able to handle is any kind of thing that pops up while i travel. Everyday i am reminded that i am human and i make mistakes.I just hope i have enough trust in myself/common sense that when im faced with these situations that i can make the right decisions whatever they are. I think one thing that will help me do this is to remember the core of who i am and what i stand for. Having a strong foundation in anything i do always seems to help me make decisions and not get lost in the moment. Also ive had a pretty epic summer where i was off on my own treeplanting and i did make a few mistakes along the way but i can say the whole experience was all around amazing and i wouldn’t change it. It got me to where i am right now and turthfully it isnt so bad 🙂

I guess being a women my worst fear is getting male attention…I want to do my best to avoid this i hate turning away guys it’s just a akward experience and it sucks why cant we just be friends!!! i know i am so daft when it comes to interacting with the male species, i can be overly friendly and open. It is a problem…but the only way to get past that is to learn to set my boundries, so that is one of my goals over the next two and half months.

Sitting here on my bed i face my fears head on and even though im scared i know im going to make my way to the airport tomorrow and walk on that plane. I do believe in myself and i want to prove to myself that i can do this on my own. I’ve gotten alot of critism so far on being a women and traveling on my own, and i just want to be able to stick my middle finger up to everyone at the end of this and be like you were wrong it may be dangerous to do it but it can be done!

I’ll try and write in my blog every two days…but i really dont think i’ll have access to the internet most of the time so alot of it will me rewriting what ive written in my journal every once in awhile. anyway wish me luck! and ill probs have nothing but free time while im on a two day plane trip so you will be hearing from me soon 😉

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Hello world!

Welcome to! This is your very first post. Click the Edit link to modify or delete it, or start a new post. If you like, use this post to tell readers why you started this blog and what you plan to do with it.

Happy blogging!

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